Stay Comfortable Throughout the Year

Stay Comfortable Throughout the Year

Schedule air conditioning or heating repair services in Levittown, PA

Plumbing & Heating offers residential and commercial HVAC services to keep everything running smoothly in the Levittown, PA area.

We install and repair all makes and models of HVAC systems. Contact an experienced HVAC technician when you need:

  • Heating or air conditioning installation services
  • Air conditioning or heating repair
  • Seasonal maintenance services

We have the skills and experience needed to troubleshoot the source of your problem and recommend the best solution. Call 215-943-1071 today to learn more about our air conditioning installation services in Levittown, PA.

Sign up for seasonal maintenance services

Our seasonal maintenance plan is available on a six-month or annual basis. By checking your system in the summer or winter, you’ll know that your heater or air conditioner will work when you need it the most.

Schedule heating repair services in the Levittown, PA area by contacting Leupold Plumbing & Heating today.